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Certified Soft-Wash Roof & Exterior Cleaning Professional

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How long before I see the results from the cleaning?


Same Day! Depending on the color of your shingles you may notice a slight "soap like" film from our detergents. The film will rinse away with the first rain.


How long does the cleaning results last?


Most generally, the results can last anywhere from 5 - 7 years. However, results vary depending upon landscaping and surrounding trees.


Is your company Licensed & Insured?


Absolutely, just as any responsible company should be! In over 25 years, we are proud to say there has never been any complaints to the State of Michigan or any other agency regarding our operations.


Michigan Builders License #: 2102200920


Do I need to be home when my roof is being cleaned?


This is totally up to you. We only ask that there be access to outside water and all windows and doors to be closed.


Before hiring a roof cleaning contractor , please consider the following:

·         How do they represent their BRAND?

o   Are they well dressed and uniform?

o   Is their vehicle well-maintained & clean?

o   Does their paperwork contain their complete contact information?

·         Do they have the proper licensing?

o   Do they have a valid builder’s license? If so, when does it expire?

o   Do they have a valid driver’s license? If so, when does it expire?

·         Are they fully insured?

o   Do they have liability insurance?

o   Do they have commercial auto insurance?

o   Do they have workers compensation insurance?

·         Are they certified by an official organization?

o   A certification can mean the difference between night and day! If the contractor is not properly certified, they may not have the necessary training to properly conduct the service.

·         How is their rating with the BBB or Angie’s List?

·         Do they have references?

o   It’s best to get at least 3 references within a 20 mile radius.

·         Does the contractor have a web site?

o   Does it appear complete and professional?

o   Does it appear to be updated frequently?

o   Does it show samples of their work?

·         How does their web site appear on internet searches such as Google, Yahoo, & Bing?

o   Typically, a good business has a good presence on all search engines.


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