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Our Certified "Soft-Wash" System has safely cleaned over 100,000 roofs!

We remove Black Streaks, Moss, Algae, Lichen & all other types of bacteria!

Every property owner faces the never ending problem of bacterial growth accumulating on their roof.

It starts out as a small patch that will go unnoticed at first. However, over time the spores spread and begin feeding off the organic material embedded within the shingles. The crushed


limestone that is used as a weight-additive during production has been proven to be a natural food source for the bacteria. The most common growth appears as a "Black Streak" which leaves your roof looking UGLY! We can safely and effectively correct this common issue using our Certified Soft-Wash Roof Cleaning System.


Our Soft-Wash System is guaranteed to safely and instantly remove those dark stains and restore your shingles back to their original appearance. Cleaning your roof not only makes it look like new again, but doing so also prevents premature surface damage and extends the roofs effective lifespan. Using a high pressure system to clean your roof has the potential to produce significant damage to the roofs delicate surface. Any pressure that exceeds 100 PSI (pounds per square-inch) can loosen and wash away the granules; exposing the underlying mat. Our Certified Soft-Wash System applies our cleaning detergents at pressures less then 60 PSI; much like the pressure of a garden house. The process is 100% safe and completely eliminates the potential for costly damage to your roof caused by all other forms of bacterial growth.


All major roofing material manufacturers solely recommend the use of "Soft-Wash" equipment when cleaning a roof. The use of any other equipment such as pressure washers or surface cleaners has been proven to damage the roofing materials as well as voiding your existing shingle warranty. It is extremely important to ask which type of equipment will be used to clean your roof when getting quotes from various companies. Please see our process to get a better understanding on how our system works. *An average roof can between 25 - 30 years depending on quality and manufacturer.


We are also fully Licensed and Insured for your protection.

Michigan Builder's License #: 2102200920


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